1 Microsoft Way Redmond 143 305 70

Incredible Places in 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 143 305 70

1 Microsoft Way Redmond 143 305 70 is a term referring to the main building complex of Microsoft. People often call this area Campus Redmond. Sure, it is because the atmosphere and condition that really like a campus along with its parks, gardens, and others. Talking about what people do there, sure, they are working to design and develop many products. There are many products of Microsoft that are started from the campus. Microsoft Office and Xbox are some of them.

Sure, there are places or areas in Microsoft Redmond that are unique and you may have never imagined before. In a case you have a chance to visit this main office, some areas and buildings below need to take a look. What are they?

Microsoft Museum

Talking about Museum, Campus Redmond has an area that is literally designed as a museum. This area is namely Visitor Center. Inside, there are full of props that talk about the history of Microsoft. For example, in one room, there are some props of classic tools and Microsoft products that have changed those tools. There is a typewriter with the name “Microsoft” office. It is how the company reminds you that the way human works has been completely changed.

Not far from the prop, there are also some old photos of Microsoft at the beginning of the company’s establishment. In the photo, there was the team that develops software BASIC in their office in Albuquerque, Texas in 1975.

The “Crazy Scientist” Laboratories

There is another interesting location in the complex for sure. Unfortunately, this location is not opened publicly. It refers to a complex of laboratories that is used for Microsoft to develop “crazy” and out-of-the-box products. One of the laboratories is namely Edison Lab, headed by Stevie Batiche. This man is also commonly the one who guide the visitors and explain the functions of the products inside. One of the incredible products is a screen that can produce different pictures if it is seen by two people or more. Meanwhile, there is a 3D screen without glasses where the visitors can be seen from many perspectives. Sure, more products are displayed there.

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Cybercrime Center

Microsoft also has a special facility to handle crime. Visually, the area is similar to a laboratory in many futuristic movies. It is along all the big glass walls and screens. This area is commonly used by cops and agents that have been cooperated with Microsoft to avoid and handle certain cybercrimes in the area. In the room also, staff members of Microsoft are able to monitor their software products along with the hijacking possibilities all around the world.

Envisioning Center

Lastly, there is an area named the Envisioning Center. This area is designed and provided only for Microsoft executive clients along with the state officials and celebrities who visit Campus Redmond. In this area, you can see the concept display around 3 to 10 years in the future, the concept is designed in the form of rooms and it tells about how technology is predicted to be used in the future.

Sure, what to display there is incredibly hyper-realistic. The concepts are really great and stunning but they are still believable. Well, it means you may not be able to see time machines there since it is still impossible to be realized at least in the near future.

The props are also displayed in theatrical ways. Commonly, there are actors who play roles just like on the stage. The visitors are able to see how people in the future do their activities and works using sophisticated products from Microsoft that have not been produced in bulks right now.

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