Go To Www.Bing.Com1 Microsoft Way Redmond

Go to www.bing.com1 Microsoft Way Redmond and the Microsoft History Explanation

Go to www.bing.com1 Microsoft way Redmond, is it a code or something else? By seeing the words in the phrase carefully, you can just find out that this is all related to Microsoft. Yes, Bing is one of the Microsoft products; a search engine. Meanwhile, Redmond is also basically the location or address of the company. Even the area is indeed named Microsoft Way.

Microsoft indeed has a long history. Nowadays, it is known as one of the most popular and most important technology company in the world. The competitions are tight for sure. It is often shadowed by competitors like Google and Apple. So, do you want to know about the company, particularly regarding history? Here they are.

Microsoft was established by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. It was basically founded to develop and produce software named interpreter BASIC for Altair 8800. For its success in producing good-quality software and programs at that time, Microsoft dominated the market of computer OS in 1980 with its MS-DOS. Then, the success was followed by the high demands of Microsoft Windows as the operating system.

Microsoft offers an initial public in the year of 1986. The stock increased rapidly. It is reasonable if in the 80’s; this company was able to produce 3 billionaires and thousand millionaires within its employees. Sure, the management of the company puts many efforts to make Microsoft get bigger. In the 90’s, the company produce more various products and do some company acquisitions. The most popular one is when Microsoft bought Skype Technologies in $8.5. It became the most expensive acquisition in the history of Microsoft.

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Microsoft Office is probably one of the most famous products of the company. Well, other giant technologies like Google or Apple may be famous for other product types like iOS and Google Search Engine. But in term of office tools, people may simply think about Microsoft Office. The company started to produce more various programs starting from Office indeed. This way, Microsoft is also able to dominate the market of PC operating system.

Other products from Microsoft are sets of software for desktop and servers. Meanwhile, it also competes in the market of video games known as Xbox. To support the mobile era, there is also Windows Phone OS. Well, from many products from Microsoft, of course, Bing is one of them that should not be missed out. In 2012, Microsoft announced that they will enter the PC vendor market for the first time. It was along with the launch of Microsoft Surface Computer Tablet.

Sure, the long journey of Microsoft is not without obstacles. In the 90’s, critics accused Microsoft for its implementation of the monopoly business. The marketing strategies were also said to not be representative. Even the US Justice Department publicly mentioned Microsoft to violate the Antitrust Law.

Talking about Microsoft Company may simply remind you of its iconic logo. The company actually adopted the Pac-Man logo that was designed by Scott Baker in 1987. Baker stated that the new logo was made in the italic Helvetica with a gap between O and S to emphasize the word “soft”. Sure, after some changes, there is now the newest logo of Microsoft. It is in the form of 4 squares unified into one with colors of the Windows logo.

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Although the squares are known as the newest logo, it is actually not completely new. It was appeared in the Microsoft advertisement in the mid of 90’s. It is said that each of the colors has its own meaning. However, it is not clearly known what the meanings are. So, this is the explanation regarding the term of Go to www.bing.com1 Microsoft way Redmond.

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