How Long Does a DNA Test Takes to Get Result

The Whatnots of DNA Tests: How Long Does a DNA Test Takes to Get Result?

There are many questions surrounding DNA tests, and questions such as how long does a DNA test takes to get result always litter the gene forum on the web. That kind of question and the other questions will be answered in today’s article.

The DNA is such a complex matter. It involves a deeper learning of things before one can fully understand what it entails and the workings of DNA itself. Thankfully, questions like the main question of this article are easily answered. Before it can be answered, though, there are certain things that one must understand before one learns the answer to the question. Matters like what is DNA test, how does one conduct a DNA test, and why a DNA test must be conducted are all important in helping answer today’s main question, which is ‘how long does a DNA test takes to get result’. With that in mind, let us go through the questions one by one.

What is a DNA test actually is? Should you undergo an obligatory DNA test?

A DNA test is actually self-explanatory. It is a DNA-based test that you can use to achieve many things. You can trace your heritage using the DNA, you can trace who your ancestors are using the DNA, and you can see your point of origin using it. It is a test that can help you learn more about yourself.

But it does not stop at that point. DNA tests can also be used to determine whether or not you have a genetic disease with you. It can also be used to trace the source of any genetic condition that you might have at the moment. That way, you can understand if you got anomalies within your body and whether or not you can cure it or prevent it from being inherited.

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Those benefits listed above benefit the common folks only. For those of the higher learning, DNA tests can be used to achieve many great things. For example, those medical researchers can use DNA to help them synthesize a cure for genetic diseases or conditions. They can also be used to help determine the origin of a particular disease, all to help the human race find a cure or a solution to a problem.

Again, there is yet to be a stopping point for DNA test usage. In the more modern setting, scientists have used DNA test to help determine about the history of the faunas and floras that were once lived on earth. This is very useful in advancing our geological knowledge and to help us learn more about the world.  It would not be very surprising if the future allows those scientists to splice the genes of ancient creatures with the hope of resurrecting them. There are many hypothetical uses to DNA tests, too, so DNA tests are actually very useful in helping the folks learn more about their own history or to help them uncover what the future has for them.

To answer the second question, the answer was once a resounding no, but now people take DNA tests for fun. Back then, you only need to take a DNA test if you are unsure about your genes and if you want to know whether or not your genes are afflicted with a certain type of disease. Now, people take DNA tests to learn more of their ancestry. There is no way that learning more of your ancestry can help you get better in the future, but it does have its own fun factor, so there is that.

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What are the types of DNA test available?

There are three types of tests available if you want to undergo a DNA test. The first type is the autosomal test, the second the Y-DNA test, and the third being the mtDNA. All of them looks at three different factors to find each result.

The autosomal test is probably the latest type of test from the three. When you take an autosomal DNA test, the testers will then look at certain chromosomes to get a result. These chromosomes are all inherited from both your dad and mum and also the more recent ancestors you got. This type of test is the best kind of test if you are looking to know more of your ancestors.

The second type of test, the Y-DNA, takes the Y-Chromosome into consideration. The Y-Chromosome is a chromosome that is inherited from the old man to his son. It can be used ONLY by males to find their paternal line. Sadly, no females can take this type of test.

The last test is the mtDNA test, which is a test that takes a look at the mitochondria. Mitochondria are inherited by one’s mother, so both boys and girls can take this test to learn about their maternal line. This is the second best type of test and is probably the kind of test that you need to take if there is no venue that can do autosomal tests for you.

There is a catch if you are using the other two tests aside from the autosomal ones, though. The mtDNA and the Y-DNA cannot help use accurately define your ancestry. While the autosomal test can give you an estimation of your ancestry (which comes in percentage), the other two cannot do so. What the other two can give you is a rough picture of your ethnicity. No percentage is involved, so Y-DNA and mtDNA tests are not that accurate compared to the autosomal.

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Now that you understand about the tests itself, let us return to the matter at hand: how long does a DNA test takes to get result?

How long does a DNA test takes to get result?

The older DNA tests once lasted for weeks, but thanks to the advancement in genetic research, DNA tests will only last for several days now. It differs with each testing company and it is also very dependent on what kind of test being taken. The autosomal test, for example, can last for 4 days give or take, but those who get their DNA tested can ask for the results more quickly. To answer the ‘how long does a DNA test takes to get result’ question, the answer is still unclear.

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