Signs And Symptoms Of Type 1 Diabetes

Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Type 1 Diabetes You Should Understand

In general, to those who experience type 1 diabetes may experience the problem with the immune system that destroys the beta cells and cause the problem with insulin. The damage of beta cells will cause interferes of insulin to move the glucose that will produce the energy as fuel. If this condition keeps going on, the blood sugar level will raise quickly that lead to any other serious problems such as dehydration, weight loss, damage of the body and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). For most white African-American tribes, this may lead to type 1 diabetes. To deal with it, you need to know signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes further.

Understanding about signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes

In dealing with the cause of type 1 diabetes, it seems to be difficult to know, but the major cause may come from the family history of diabetes. In addition, the problem of this high blood sugar level is due to the external factors that come from the environment such as the virus that affects to the pancreas. Additionally, the type 1 diabetes also presents with other autoimmune disease such as vitiligo. Thus, to reduce the risk of being type 1 diabetes, you need to know the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

These following signs are commonly found among type1 diabetes

  1. Rapid breathing
  2. Pain in the stomach
  3. Confusion and shaking
  4. Loss of consciousness
  5. Fruity smell breath

While the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are subtle, they will become serious if it is left untreated. That is the reason why you have to be aware of any possible risk that may haunt your life due to the present of type 1 diabetes in your body. In line with signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes, it can be said that people with type 1 diabetes may find some following symptoms:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Frequent urination
  3. Dry mouth
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Unexplained weight loss
  6. Pain in stomach
  7. Urinary tract, vagina and skin infections
  8. Heavy breathing
  9. Fatigue
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When you find those mentioned signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes in yourself, it is advisable to arrange the meeting with your personal doctor to check your overall health. As the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes are diagnosed, the doctor will check your blood sugar level. In addition, he also checks the urine to know the glucose or any other chemicals found in the body. When all the procedures are performed as it has been supposed to do, the results show whether you have enough insulin or not.

In accordance with signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes, people who find this problem should be careful enough and always do the further treatment as suggested by the doctor. As the signs and symptoms are identified earlier, the serious risk of type 1 diabetes can be reduced and the medical treatment can be done as earlier as possible. This helps you to stay healthier and happier.

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