What Is The Function Of Dna

What Is The Function Of Dna

What is DNA?. And how it works. DNA is also known as oxygen-deficient ribosome DNA. Is a molecule. Is a group of atoms that are adjacent to one another. In the case of genetic material, these atoms meet in the form of. Long helical ladder. Somewhat like that in the picture. If you’ve studied neighborhoods or seen a garden movie, you probably heard. DNA works as a plan or recipe for a living organism. but how?. How can just a part that works as a scheme to make something worthwhile. And a wonderful tree like. Dog or dinosaur. howling!. To answer the question. Let’s take a quick look at the amino acids. Amino acids are tiny chemicals inside our bodies that are very important.

They are often referred to as the building blocks of life. There are about twenty different species, each with its own unique form. The wonderful thing about amino acids is that they can be linked together somewhat like. Lego (toy cubes) produce an infinite set of larger particles, these particles called proteins. Amino acids make proteins. Proteins with other chemicals combine to form a living cell. The cell will be tissue. Tissues are organs. And members. When combined with each other it works of course. You meet to form the living being as you and me. These proteins are our bodies, taking into account that there are millions. Different types of proteins. Each of them must be ideally designed to work.

If you make a mistake it usually does not work. Here comes the role of DNA. DNA does a lot of exciting things. Some of which we still do not fully understand. But one of the most important and most important functions is to tell acids. Amino acids. How to line up and form themselves in ideal forms. For protein. theoretically. If the right protein is built at the right time and place. Everything else from cell to members to a whole organism. He will be fine. Here is a simplified model of DNA. It shows us that the steps of peace. Consists of four different types of chemicals shown in different colors. And characters. If you look at one half of the molecule. You can read this chemical sequence or genetic code from top to bottom somewhat. Like the book. One strand of DNA. very long. Millions of characters lined up.

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The DNA spends most of the time wrapped up like pasta inside the nucleus. Amino acids are found outside the nucleus in the so-called cytoplasm. To help the DNA interact with the cytoplasm and convert those amino acids. To proteins. Special chemicals inside the nucleus copy part of the DNA code. These partial copies are called RNA. DNA is much like DNA, but of course shorter and less. The other side. Its small size and shape allow the RNA to pass through small pores on the surface of the nucleus. To the cytoplasm to the mouth of another particle called the ribosome. Ribosomes are protein building machines. You read the code in a three-letter RNA molecule at a time.

Absorbs amino acids from their surroundings and glues them together. Series according to the genetic code. As the chain grows bigger, it stoops, wraps and clears itself. To form a perfect protein. All three characters of RNA code. The ribosome draws any of the 20 different amino acids you must. Add Next. For example CAA makes a ribosome. Holds the amino acid glutamine. AGU tells the ribosome to hold the axle. And so on. Once the protein is made, it goes to do many different things. It helps in the formation of a new cell. New cell. So answer to the original question. What is DNA?. DNA is a molecular scheme of the organism. How it works?. DNA makes RNA. RNA makes protein. The proteins go to make life. The whole process. Although it is complex and sophisticated. Charming as it may sound. Based entirely on chemistry. Can be studied. And understand them.

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